CosmosSim services overview

CosmoSim provides access to the cosmological data via the SQL database and via direkt download.

For an introduction to SQL in general, look at the Code Academy SQL course.

Database access

This chapter explains how the database can be accessed. There are basically three different ways: via the Query form in the web browser, via scripted access using the IVOA TAPprotocol or via the direkt download

The Query form is very useful for users, who first want to get a feeling for the possibilities the database can provide. For more advanced queries, users usually sooner or later want to interact with the database using scripts from the command line.

Please see the list of the services:

The section Demos and Turtorials provides visual tutorials and pdf documents to get you started. Please note that this section is part of the CosmoSim legacy, still it will get you on the way to work with the new archive as well.

Files download

Part of the data is accessible as direkt download. Please keep in mind that the complete and verified set of the data is to be found in the database, see Disclaimer.