The CosmoSim database provides results from cosmological simulations performed within different projects: MultiDark and Bolshoi, CLUES, and Galaxies.

MultiDark and Bolshoi Project

The Spanish MultiDark Consolider project supports efforts to identify and detect matter, including dark matter simulations of the universe.


Available now for the MDPL2 simulation - galaxy catalogs contain galaxy properties from different semi-analytical codes.

CLUES Project

The CLUES project produces constrained simulations of the local universe, partially with gas and star formation.

Please visit the linked sites for more information about the projects and about the appreciated form of acknowledgment, if the data is used in a scientific publication or proposal.

Check out the Documentation and the Simulations section for more information or the CosmoSim blog for latest news, additional materials, tutorials and much more.

Database access

The database can be queried by entering SQL statements directly into the Query Form or via Scripted access. If you haven't done so, please register first via the Registration Form to get your own private database where the results of your queries will be stored for you. You can also submit queries as a guest, but the result data can then be accessed and removed by any other guest as well.

More information on the simulations and their projects is available in the Simulations section. Details about the database, its design and the possibilities to access the data are described in the Documentation.

Getting started

Look at our video tutorial for first steps with CosmoSim!

For newbies:

  • Register via the Registration Form to get full access to all data.
  • Look at the documentation of the projects, their simulations and available tables in the database to pick the tables you need.
  • Get familiar with the Query Form by looking at Documentation | Query Form.
  • Use the example queries below the Query Form and from the table description pages (Tables) to get started with SQL.
  • Check out the What's different page for some issues that you should keep in mind when writing your queries.

For MultiDark users:
If you've got experience with the Multidark Database, the predecessor of this web application, check out the What's different page of the documentation first. Have a look at Documentation | Data access for help on the new Query Form and scripting possibilities.

For users:
Login and then proceed to the Query Form.

You've got trouble? Questions? Comments? Send us a message via the Contact Form.

Images and movies

We have collected some visualisations related to the different simulations at Images & Movies.

Feel free to use them for talks, posters or just enjoy them! If you have created a nice movie yourself, share it with other people!

Just fill out the Contact Form and send us a short description where to find the movie/picture, what it shows and which data and code was used to produce it. We will then consider adding it to this web page.


A growing list of articles using this database or its predecessor, the MultiDark database, is available at List of articles using the data. For more information on the science and techniques behind everything, see the Links and References section. For credits and acknowledgements, please consult the corresponding project pages at MultiDark and Bolshoi and CLUES.

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