CosmoSim - migrated

In November 2022 CosmoSim archive was migrated to new hardware and software. We say goodye to the MariaDB Spider enging needed for sharding and moving to Postgres 14.5.

The huge development in computational power and storage since the first allows us to store the tables on one DB server instead of ten sharded DB servers and a headnode. CosmoSim is the AIP last archive that has been moved from the old PhP Daiquiri to the Django-daiquiri software stack. We are happy to introduce many more powerful interfaces, features and let the CosmoSim profit from the ongoing Daiquiri archive development in the AIP escience group.

You need to be aware of:

  • All schemas and tables names are lower case.
  • Please contact us to receive your query jobs.
  • You will need to re-run query jobs.
  • Particle tables are not part of the DB.
  • Look up the new Tutorials!

Migration status of the CosmoSim archive

CosmoSim archive Migrated? In detail
CosmoSim DB [x] CosmoSim database (except the particles tables) were migrated and optimized.
Particle tables [ ] The particle tables are not part of the DB releases from now on. The particle tables have taken a lot of storage space, but were used not often. We decided to skip them to offer better performance and use less storage space. Look up the particle data files in the next row.
Particle data files [x] Particle data files are available in the Files for the Bolshoi and MDPL simulations.
Metadata [x] Metadata was not just migrated, but we hugely enanced the metadata, so it will work with interfaces such as IVOA TAP, Datalink and OAI PMI (Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting)
CLUES simulation tables [ ] CLUES simulation tables are not publically available any more. Please Contact us and we can provide you access to them.
Example queries [x] Example queries have been updated and tested.
pdist function [x] pdist function is re-written in Python and added as a function to the new DB.
User accounts [x] You can use your user accounts including the names, email addresses and passwords.
Query jobs [ ] We did not migrate your query jobs!. We do have all the queries safely stored, so please Contact and we will provide you all your queries. Please be aware that the schema and tables names have changed to lower case. Also, you might need to adapt the queries to make it work with the PostgreSQL dialect.
Private user DB's [ ] For the same reason we did not migrate your user DB space where all the old DB results were stored. Please re-run the query jobs you need for your current projects. We decided to start from scratch , it helpes a lot to have more space for ongoing projects.
Documentation [x] Description of the CosmoSim data and the projects you can find in the Data section. You will find the examples and tutorials in the new Technical documentation section .
Blog [ ] Though we have kept the old blog and all the old documentation, we have not migrated it yet.