Links and References

This page lists the main references and links for the simulations, data products and the technology behind it. For a list of papers using the data in this database, see section below List of articles based on the data.

For Credits and Acknowledgements, please visit the corresponding project page: MultiDark and Bolshoi Credits


The main reference papers for the simulations are:

For halo finders:

For galaxy data:

For cosmic web:

Other references:

List of articles based on the data

Link to ADS with the search on CosmoSim or/and MultiDark database: ads – CosmoSim/MultiDark database


Some of the main components of the software that work in the background (and also at the front) to serve the data to you is listed below. All the software is released as open source!

For ingesting data into the database, we developed and use:

  • DBIngestor library (C++)
  • AsciiIngest, uses the DBIngestor library, allows to upload any kind of ascii data using format files to map between data types
  • FofIngest and PmssIngest, use the DBIngestor library for uploading FOF binary files (FOF catalog) and PMss binary files (ART format for particles) directly into database tables

Links to further projects

The following links to external pages may be useful for further information: