SAGE semi-analytical galaxies, built using Rockstar catalog

General information on SAGE tables is also available at Tables – SAGE.

Please cite this data set using the unique digital object identifier doi:10.17876/cosmosim/mdpl2/008.


unique database ID for this table, constructed from file number, snapnum and row in file
snapnumsmallinttime.epochsnapshot number, same as in Rockstar catalogue
redshiftfloattime.epochredshift of the universe for this timestep
ID in corresponding dark matter halo in Rockstar catalogue
depthFirstId of dark matter halo in corresponding Rockstar catalogue
forestIdbigintmeta.idID of the merger forest in corresponding Rockstar catalogue
GalaxyIDbigintmeta.idgalaxy identifier
HostHaloIDbigintsubhalo index from Rockstar output, same as rockstarId
MainHaloIDbigintcentral halo index from consistent-trees output
GalaxyTypetinyinttype of the galaxy: 0=central, 1=satellite
HaloMassfloatphys.masssolMass.h-1remaining bound mass of a satellite
Vmaxfloatphys.velo.rotatkm.s-1halo circular velocity in physical coordinates
spinfloatspin parameter
xfloatpos.cartesian.xMpc.h-1comoving x-position
yfloatpos.cartesian.yMpc.h-1comoving y-position
zfloatpos.cartesian.zMpc.h-1comoving z-position
vxfloatphys.velockm/sx-component of peculiar physical velocity
vyfloatphys.velockm/sy-component of peculiar physical velocity
vzfloatphys.velockm/sz-component of peculiar physical velocity
MstarSpheroidfloatphys.masssolMass.h-1stellar mass in spheroid
MstarDiskfloatphys.masssolMass.h-1stellar mass in disk
McoldDiskfloatphys.masssolMass.h-1gas mass in disk
Mhotfloatphys.masssolMass.h-1mass in hot halo
Mbhfloatphys.masssolMass.h-1mass of one black hole (same mass for all)
SFRspheroidfloatphys.SFRsolMass.h-1.Gyrstar formation rate of the bulge
SFRdiskfloatphys.SFRsolMass.h-1.Gyr-1star formation rate in disk
SFRfloatphys.SFRsolMass.h-1.Gyr-1total star formation rate
MZhotHalofloatphys.masssolMass.h-1mass of metals in hot gas in the diffuse halo/atmosphere
MZstarSpheroidfloatphys.masssolMass.h-1mass of metals in stars in the spheroid/bulge
MZstarDiskfloatphys.masssolMass.h-1mass of metals in stars in the disk
MeanAgeStarsfloatGyrmean age of stellar population
NInFilebigintnumber of galaxy in the data file, inside the output group for current snapnum
fileNumintnumber of the file from which the data was uploaded
ixintpos.cartesian.xspatial grid index, x-direction
iyintpos.cartesian.yspatial grid index, y-direction
izintpos.cartesian.zspatial grid index, z-direction
phkeybigintPeano-Hilbert key index of space-filling curve

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