MDPL2 – Galacticus


Galacticus catalog of semi-analytical galaxies

General information on Galacticus tables is also available at Tables – Galacticus.

Please cite this data set using the unique digital object identifier doi:10.17876/cosmosim/mdpl2/009.


unique database ID for this table, constructed from file number, snapnum and row in file
snapnumsmallinttime.epochsnapshot number (same as in Rockstar-catalogues)
redshiftdoubletime.epochredshift of the universe for this timestep
ID in corresponding dark matter halo in Rockstar catalogue
depthFirstId of dark matter halo in corresponding Rockstar catalogue
forestIdbigintmeta.idID of the merger forest in corresponding Rockstar catalogue
HostHaloIdbigintmeta.idsubhalo index from Rockstar output, same as rockstarId
MainHaloIdbigintmeta.idcentral halo index from consistent-trees output
GalaxyTypesmallinttype of the galaxy: 0=central, 1=satellite, 2=orphan satellite
HaloMassdoublesolMass.h-1remaining bound mass of a satellite
xdoublepos.cartesian.xMpc.h-1comoving x-position
ydoublepos.cartesian.yMpc.h-1comoving y-position
zdoublepos.cartesian.zMpc.h-1comoving z-position
vxdoublephys.velockm/sx-component of physical velocity
vydoublephys.velockm/sy-component of physical velocity
vzdoublephys.velockm/sz-component of physical velocity
spindoublespin parameter
spinXdoublespin vector, x-component
spinYdoublespin vector, y-component
spinZdoublespin vector, z-component
MstarSpheroiddoublesolMass.h-1stellar mass in spheroid
MstarDiskdoublephys.masssolMass.h-1stellar mass in disk
McoldSpheroiddoublesolMass.h-1gas mass in spheroid
McoldDiskdoublephys.masssolMass.h-1gas mass in disk
MhotdoublesolMass.h-1mass in hot halo
Mbhdoublephys.masssolMass.h-1mass of the central supermassive black hole
SFRspheroiddoublephys.SFRsolMass.h-1.Gyr-1star formation rate in spheroid
SFRdiskdoublephys.SFRsolMass.h-1.Gyr-1star formation rate in disk
SFRdoublephys.SFRsolMass.h-1.Gyr-1total star formation rate (disk+spheroid)
LstarSDSSudoublephys.luminosity4.4659e13.W.Hz-1total luminosity in observed frame
LstarSDSSgdoublephys.luminosity4.4659e13.W.Hz-1total luminosity in observed frame
LstarSDSSrdoublephys.luminosity4.4659e13.W.Hz-1total luminosity in observed frame
LstarSDSSidoublephys.luminosity4.4659e13.W.Hz-1total luminosity in observed frame
LstarSDSSzdoublephys.luminosity4.4659e13.W.Hz-1total luminosity in observed frame
MZgasSpheroiddoublephys.masssolMass.h-1mass of metals in gas in spheroid component
MZgasDiskdoublephys.masssolMass.h-1mass of metals in gas in disk component
MZhotHalodoublephys.masssolMass.h-1mass of metals in hot halo
MZstarSpheroiddoublephys.masssolMass.h-1mass of metals in stars in spheroid component
MZstarDiskdoublephys.masssolMass.h-1mass of metals in stars in disk component
Mvir_SAMdoublephys.masssolMass.h-1mass Mvir_SAM of the corresponding dark matter halo in Rockstar
basicTimeLastIsolateddoubletime.epochtime at which the dark matter halo was last isolated (i.e. not a subhalo)
satelliteMergeTimedoubletime until satellite will merge with host
blackHoleCountintnumber of supermassive black holes in the galaxy
blackHoleSpindoublespin of the central supermassive black hole
Rdiskdoublephys.sizeMpc.h-1disk scale length
Rspheroiddoublephys.sizeMpc.h-1spheroid scale length
RhotOuterdoublephys.sizeMpc.h-1outer radius of hot halo
Vdiskdoublephys.velo.rotatkm/scircular velocity of disk
Vspheroiddoublephys.velo.rotatkm/scircular velocity of spheroid momentum of disk component, physical coordinates momentum of spheroid component, physical coordinates momentum in hot halo, physical coordinates
inclinationdoubledegreerandomly selected inclination for the disk in degrees
NInFileSnapnumbigintnumber of galaxy in the data file, inside the output group for current snapnum
fileNumintnumber of the file from which the data was uploaded
ixintpos.cartesian.xspatial grid index, x-direction
iyintpos.cartesian.yspatial grid index, y-direction
izintpos.cartesian.zspatial grid index, z-direction
phkeybigintPeano-Hilbert key index of space-filling curve

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