This simulation belongs to the simulations grouped as Box 64 – 186592 at the CLUES webpage.

It is a resimulation of the high resolution region (~ 2 Mpc/h radius) around the most massive dark matter halos (M31, Milky Way).
This resimulation contains no gas physics and star formation (“dark matter only”) and was performed using the Gadget-2 code.

The corresponding simulation with the same parameters, but including gas and stars, is called Clues3_LGGas. This contains also a table AHFMatch, which links the halos of both simulations with each other.


Box size 64 Mpc/h side length of the cosmological cube
Radius 2 Mpc/h radius of resimulated high resolution region
Particle resolution 40963 particle resolution in the resimulated region
h 0.73 Hubble parameter
ΩΛ 0.76 density parameter for dark energy
Ωm 0.24 density parameter for matter (dark matter+baryons)
Ωb 0.0418 density parameter for baryonic matter
n 0.95 normalization of the Power spectrum
σ8 0.75 amplitude of mass density fluctuation in 8 Mpc/h sphere (at redshift z=0)

Particle masses and numbers
Particle type Mass Number
Dark matter 1 254105 Msun/h 52953088
Dark matter 2 2.03284 * 106 Msun/h 8101888
Dark matter 3 1.62627 * 107 Msun/h 1333760
Dark matter 4 1.30102 * 108 Msun/h 210752

Clues3_LGDM data in the database

The following table provides an overview on the database tables which are available for this simulation. For each table, a link to its “table type” is given. This leads to a page explaining the columns of the corresponding table in more detail.

Several tables may contain a Peano-Hilbert key (phkey) for each row, which can be constructed from the position using the hilbert key function. If not indicated otherwise, the hilbert order for this simulation is 7, i.e. there are 27 = 128 cells per dimension.

Database table Table type Short description
AHF AHF AHF (Amiga Halo Finder) catalogue for all available snapshots. This table contains the main properties of the dark matter halos.
ahfId = ( snapnum*106 +(number in complete AHF catalogue) )

Please note that the AHF halo table contains the complete catalogue, including halos with a higher fraction of low resolution particles. Use e.g. fMhires > 0.9 to skip them.

AHFProf AHFProf Halo profiles, i.e. their inner properties in radial bins
Redshifts Redshifts Overview on snapshot numbers (snapnum) and their corresponding redshifts

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