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The BolshoiP simulation belongs to the BolshoiP Project and is kin to the Bolshoi simulation. It has the same simulation volume of (250 Mpc/h) 3 and a mass resolution of 1.35 * 108 Msun/h, but is based on the Planck cosmology.

Please give proper Credits when using data from this simulation.


Box size 250 Mpc/h side length of the cosmological cube
Number of particles 20483 total number of dark matter particles
Mass resolution 1.55 * 108 Msun/h mass of one dark matter particle
Force resolution 1.0 kpc/h physical force resolution
Initial redshift 80 redshift at which the simulation started
h 0.70 Hubble parameter
ΩΛ 0.69289 density parameter for dark energy
Ωm 0.30711 density parameter for matter (dark matter+baryons)
Ωb 0.048 density parameter for baryonic matter
n 0.96 normalization of the Power spectrum
σ8 0.82 amplitude of mass density fluctuation in 8 Mpc/h sphere (at redshift z=0)


BolshoiP data in the database

The following table provides an overview on the database tables which are available for this simulation. For each table, a link to its “table type” is given, which leads to a page explaining the individual columns of the corresponding table in more detail.

Several tables may contain a Peano-Hilbert key (phkey) for each row, which can be constructed from the position using the hilbert key function. If not indicated otherwise, the hilbert order for this simulation is 10, i.e. there are 210 = 1024 cells per dimension.

Database table Table type Short description
AvailHalos AvailHalos Gives an overview on the snapshots, for which halo data are stored in the FOF or BDM tables.
BDMV BDM BDM (Bound Density Maximum) catalogue for all available snapshots, calculated using the standard overdensity criterion with 360*ρback (background density).
bdmId = ( snapnum*108 +(number in BDM catalogue) )
BDMW BDM BDM catalogue for all available snapshots, calculated using 200*ρcrit (critical density) for defining the halo boundary.
bdmId = ( snapnum*108 +(number in BDM catalogue) )
FOF FOF Main Friends-of-Friends catalogue for all available snapshots, level 0 (relative linking length 0.17);
fofId = (snapnum*10 + level)*108 +(rank in FOF-file)
FOF Friends-of-Friends catalogue for all available snapshots, same as FOF-table, but for smaller (relative) linking lengths, levels 1 (linking length 0.085) to 4 (linking length 0.010625). Thus these tables contain substructures of the FOF groups.
Redshifts Redshifts Overview on snapshot numbers (snapnum) and corresponding redshifts


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