Update to UWS 1.1

Another important change since the previous maintenance is our preliminary update to UWS 1.1, which is needed for scripted access to the databases. Within the IVOA there are ongoing discussions about new features for UWS, which will soon become recommendation. We have implemented them already as test implementation for the new standard, so you can test them yourself! The main features include now job filtering possibilities (by phase, time, last jobs) and a WAIT-option, if you e.g. submit a job and want to wait until it is executed or finished. Our uws-client also supports these features, so you can do now requests like this:

  • List only jobs in PENDING and EXECUTING phase:
    http --auth <username>:<password> --print b GET https://www.cosmosim.org/uws/query?PHASE=PENDING&PHASE=EXECUTING


    uws --host https://www.cosmosim.org/uws/query --user <username> --password <password> list --pending --executing
  • List only last 10 jobs:
    http --auth <username>:<password> --print b GET https://www.cosmosim.org/uws/query?LAST=10


    uws --host https://www.cosmosim.org/uws/query --user <username> --password <password> list --last 10
  • List jobs started after given date-time:
    http --auth <username>:<password> --print b GET https://www.cosmosim.org/uws/query?AFTER=2016-01-01


    uws --host https://www.cosmosim.org/uws/query --user <username> --password <password> list --after 2016-01-01

For more examples, please see the README of the uws-client.

Have fun with this new functionality! If you have more suggestions, send them to us. We could propose them for the future evolution of UWS.

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