Known database query errors and issues

From time to time you may encounter some errors or issues with our CosmoSim database. Some of them are expected behaviour, others are server- or software-related issues which won’t be fixed soon.
So here’s a list of things that may go awry and what to do in these cases.

Job stops with error: Table '...' doesn't exist

You tried to query a table that does not exist or to which you don’t have access.
Check for typos in your query and make sure that you are logged in – most tables are only accessible for logged in users (register here (it’s free!) if you haven’t done so yet).

Job (query plan) cannot be submitted, error: Table '...' already exists

This happens if you entered a table name below the SQL form that already exists.
The result table name must be unique, so either enter a new name or remove the previous job with the same table name (click on job in Job list, go to Job Overview and click “Remove job” at the bottom).

If you submitted two jobs shortly after each other and you changed the name of the second job, but you still get this error message, then something in the website has not yet updated itself. Wait a few seconds or refresh the page and try again.

Job stays in running state forever (“zombie” jobs)

There is a timeout for each job, for the long queue this is ~ 40 minutes. If your job seems to be running longer than this, it is highly likely that something on the server side went wrong, e.g. the database server was restarted, but the queue was not cleaned up. If you cannot kill your job yourself (highly likely in this case), then please send us a contact message with the job ids of the offending jobs. We will then kill them for you, but leave them in your history in case you still need their metadata.

Job stops with error: Got error 10000 'Error on remote system: 2006: MySQL server has gone away' from FEDERATED

This happens frequently, if there are too many jobs send to the server at once. Then the server can become unresponsive for a short time while dealing with other jobs. Just submit your query again, it will most likely work now.
If this happened when sending many jobs via the command line, please add a short delay between the job submissions, e.g. 1 second. This already helps a lot to avoid this problem.

Job stops with error: Table 'aggregation_tmp_...' already exists

This is an error related to PaQu: when reformulating the queries to match the parallel-server-setup using PaQu, one to many temporary tables named aggregation_tmp_…. are created in between. Sometimes, a confusion of table names happens (we are not yet sure where and why this occurs) and this error is produced. It’s more likely to happen if there are already many jobs running on the server.
Just resubmit your job again until the error does not occur anymore. If the problem remains, please contact us.

Job stops with error: Unknown column '...' in 'field list'

Did you already check for typos in your column names? Does the column really exist for the given table?
If your are sure that there is no problem on this side, then it’s a PaQu-related problem: the parallel query reformulator still has some problems with column names when joining tables (especially when joining more than two). Please have a look at PaQu issues to find solutions and work-arounds. Contact us, if you cannot find a query that works and does what you want. We’ll be happy to help.

Query page says: The database is currently not available.

Our database server is down or unreachable. If there is no corresponding status message above your job list, indicating that there is an ongoing maintenance or problem, then please send a contact message to us to make us aware of the problem.

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