Please fill out the Database registration form to register for a CosmoSim database account. This will provide you with following features:

  • Access to all simulations published in the database
    (guest user is restricted to MDR1 simulation only)
  • Long queue for queries is enabled, with less strong timeout restriction
  • Own private user database “cosmosim_user_”+ your username, where all the query results are stored

It is also possible to submit queries as a guest, but only for the MDR1 simulation and only via the short queue (timeout limit: 30 seconds). The results will then be stored in a public-guest database, where any other guest can view and remove them.

When you fill out the registration form, we also ask for some information about you, especially about your affiliation and your intended use (“description” field). This information is mainly used for statistical purposes as well as to get an impression of what users would like to achieve with the database. This helps us to get to know in which direction we should develop our services further.

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