The CosmoSim database provides data from cosmological simulations in databases which can be queried directly using the Structured Query Language SQL. Since the amount of data which such simulations produce nowadays exceeds the Terabyte range, the full data set is too large to be kept as a local copy for each user. Instead, the user can retrieve only the data subset he or she is interested in. Large observational surveys like the SDSS have already made the first steps in this direction. Having the data directly available via SQL proved to be a very useful concept. With the Millennium Run Database developed within GAVO (German Astrophysical Virtual Observatory), this concept was extended to simulation data as well, allowing to exploit the data much more effectively. In return, this gave rise to many fruitful collaborations and hundreds of articles.

Here, we are providing data from large scale simulations which are in extend and particle numbers similar to the Millennium Simulation, but with different volumes and resolution. The simulations and their main results, the halo catalogues, are described in chapter Simulations. This chapter also contains an overview on the available database tables for each simulation. For getting full access to these data via the Query form, please register first.

A detailed column description for each type of database table is given in the next chapter of the documentation: Database structure, along with more details on the database design, which is very similar to the Millenium Run database design. Here you can also get an introduction to Paqu, which works in the background to allow you to run parallel queries.

This following chapter, Database access, gives an overview on how to access the simulation data via this web application, how to use it to send jobs and retrieve results, and how you can do the same things from the command line.

If you’re getting impatient and want to start retrieving data immediately, please have a look at our chapter with Demos & Tutorials for a quick start.

But be aware, that some things have changed with this new webapp and the new technology behind it all. See What’s different? for an overview on the differences.

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