This table stores the properties of the gas component of each AHF halo. The ahfIds correspond to the same ids as in the corresponding main AHF table.

Column Type UCD Unit Description
ahfId bigint meta.id; meta.main unique id for AHF-halo, e.g.
ahfId = ( snapnum*106 + (original number in AHF catalogue) )
The power of 10 can be different for each simulation database.
snapnum smallint time.epoch number of snapshot
n_gas bigint meta.number number of gas particles in the halo
M_gas float phys.mass 1/h Msun total mass of gas particles
lambda_gas float spin parameter (Bullock et al. 2001 definition)
lambdaE_gas float classical spin parameter (Peebles’ definition)
Lx_gas float phys.angMomentum; pos.cartesian.x x-component of the angular momentum vector; normalized, i.e. |L| = 1
Ly_gas float phys.angMomentum; pos.cartesian.y y-component of the angular momentum vector
Lz_gas float phys.angMomentum; pos.cartesian.z z-component of the angular momentum vector
b_gas float arith.ratio ratio of intermediate to major axis; derived from 2. eigenvalue of the inertia tensor
c_gas float arith.ratio ratio of minor to major axis
Eax_gas float x-component of the major axis (normalized)
Eay_gas float y-component of the major axis (normalized)
Eaz_gas float z-component of the major axis (normalized)
Ebx_gas float x-component of the intermediate axis (normalized)
Eby_gas float y-component of the intermediate axis (normalized)
Ebz_gas float z-component of the intermediate axis (normalized)
Ecx_gas float x-component of the minor axis (normalized)
Ecy_gas float y-component of the minor axis (normalized)
Ecz_gas float z-component of the minor axis (normalized)
Ekin_gas float phys.energy Msun/h (km/s)2 kinetic energy
Epot_gas float phys.energy Msun/h (km/s)2 potential energy
mean_z_gas float phys.abundance average metallicity of gas

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