Job Queue

Our new web application uses a MySQL job queue at the backend to handle job submission. It’s source is available at GitHub.
This queue has only basic features so far and comes with only two types:

  • Short queue: Time out after 30 seconds, highest priority
  • Long queue: Time out after 40 min, lower priority

You can choose the queue with the buttons on the right side below the Query Form. They are disabled for the guest, so if you cannot see them, please login first. (Still need an account? Click here to register!)

The queue supports simple priorities: jobs submitted to the Short queue have highest priority and thus are executed first. Long queue jobs have lower priority and thus need to wait until all Short queue jobs are done.

You can check the execution state any time by clicking on the job’s name in the “Job list” (left side bar) and selecting the tab for “Job Details”. The row “Job status” tells you, if the job started already.

The number of jobs that are executed in parallel is limited, since this helps to guarantee fast execution times, but at the cost of sometimes longer wait times. the number of jobs waiting in the queue is given in the upper left corner of the query form, at “Database Status”. This gives you an idea of how long you need to wait before your job will be executed. If you continuously get long wait times, please contact us and we’ll put more effort into this.

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